Saturday, May 31, 2008

Run Off Got you Down?

The Big T continues to fish well no matter what the level. However, if you want to get away from the current and crowds, how about a trip to Sylvan Dale. This 23 incher was caught on a size 20 blonde Pheasant Tail and ran to the backing. The scary thing is that there are bigger fish in this lake. -- Wallace Westfeldt

Friday, May 30, 2008

Record Setting Snapper

Yesterday I hooked and landed a 15 to 20-pound snapping turtle from a local farm pond. To date, its my best turtle on Sage RPL+ 5-weight using a 9-foot 3X leader with a crayfish pattern. I'm sorry to say that I had to use a hand-over-hand technique to land him. Needless to say I released him so that some other angler would have fun catching him.....Paul Prentiss

Boulder Creek

Fished Boulder Creek above the Falls. Fished pretty good. Water is high, but clear. Look for small pools, and slower water. Spooked some fish right on the bank. Fished a dry dropper. Top fly was a Stimmy, and dropper was a Hot Wire Prince, Tungsten Flash Bug, and BH Flash Prince.
On the way back fished the TU park. Water was off color. Did nymph a nice run with a San Juan and a Tungsten Flash Bug, Got two fish.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fish Structure in the Shallows

Fishing for Crappies in several Longmont Ponds was very productive this a size 6 Crystal Bugger with a smaller (size-10) black bugger on a dropper...had multiple hookups. The fish should be spawning soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bass @ Walden Ponds.

This morning I fished Walden Ponds for a couple of hours and caught three nice bass the best of which was just over three pounds. A white and chartreuse clouser tied with EP fibers on a size 6 saltwater hook did the trick. All these fish were picked up in the shallows close to shore.....Paul Prentiss

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Colors of the Rainbow

A beautiful day and temperatures in the 70's on the river with just a few clouds to amp up the BWO action. The weather and the weekend brought out a lot of anglers and all seemed to be hooking up. The new increased flows have all but cleaned out the river from the algae and crud, the water is looking good . The fish are in major spawn mode and would not be deterred from the business at hand, very particular for surface action. Fishing the sides and any slow moving water for the best results.

This fine colored specimen was the biggest of the day andwas landed on a #20 brassie olive beadhead. Other patters included pheasant tails, copper johns, green machine,. wd 40, olive RS2 and black beauty.
- Grove Stafford

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fooled by the Front

First time fly fishers Carolyn and Cindy came up early Monday morning from Denver to hook up in the Big T. Despite the wind they got many hookups and a few landings in the morning. Almost all on Rainbow Warriors #18 and #20. Stomach samples showed long midge larvae, pupae, and BWOs. After lunch, the BWOs were coming off readily, a few clouds showed up, water temp was 50, and a couple of splashes at the surface. Seemed like a good time to learn to fish the dry fly. We re-rigged, did some casting lessons and partly cloudy turned to overcast while the air temp dropped noticeably. No more surfacing from the fish. What do fish have against a pressure drop? And how can they tell? Oh well, we went back to the RW and got some more hookups before the front sent us on down ... just like the fish ;-). -- Wallace Westfeldt

Cindy with a Rainbow

Fishing Between Fronts and Flows

It's hard to keep current on conditions, when flows and weather are changing so much. In the last five days, the Big Thompson has changed from 100cfs to 244cfs and then to 200cfs. One good thing about Friday's night dump into the canyon is that it cleared out much of the gunk that was fouling our rigs. I avoided the T on Saturday due to the dump that undoubtedly spooked the fish and the front which would just make not catching fish uncomfortable as well as frustrating. Sunday was another matter though. Marc Guy and I hit the upper canyon early to brush up his nymphing technique. He hooked up early on Soft Hackle Sow Bugs, Rainbow Warriors, and Poison Blue Tungs; all size #20.

Here's Marc in Action in the Big Thompson
Around 1pm we moved to the top. There was no visible surface action and the high flows had the fish pretty spread out and down. Short on time, (after all it was Mother's Day) we moved quickly downstream from the gauging station looking for slower water and scored a nice 15 Bow to finish the day. -- Wallace Westfeldt

Marc particularly liked learning the double indicator rig which he used to get this pretty Bow.

Special Guided Trip a Success

After a considerable persuasion I was successful in booking a trip with Jay Zimmerman for Carp. I was very anxious to learn his unique techniques in finding and landing these fish. Jay explained that most of the fish he hooks are found right on the bank and can be easily spotted by an observant angler. He was right (see above photo). I have to say, I'm somewhat disappointed in the fighting quality of these fish but Jay insists that they give him a great battle on light tackle......Paul Prentiss

Friday, May 9, 2008

Warmwater Action First Rate

While fishing a pond on the outskirts of Boulder today, I found large numbers of Crappies close to shore hanging on structure. The fish are starting to spawn and this is the best time to catch a large specimen. I lost one that had to be at least 3-pounds. I was fishing a two fly rig - pattern was not important because the fish would hit any reasonable fly that was on target. Every once and a while I'd get surprized by a nice bass...Paul Prentiss

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Guided Trip on Boulder Creek

Wednesday May 7th. FRA Guide Tyler Bowman took clients on Boulder Creek and reported fantastic fishing and conditions. BWO's were present and Dry/Dropper rigs proved effective with most of the action coming on size 16 - 20 BH BWO nymphs, caddis and small stones. Water conditions thus far have been great, but with our healthy snowpack are going to change for the worst. We'd reccomend getting out there now and enjoying our fabulous pre-runoff fishing

Monday, May 5, 2008

Carp Fishing Improving

With warm weather over the last two weeks Carp have been moving into the shallows and feeding on crayfish. I've been fishing a number of the public ponds in the Longmont area and the action has been getting better and better. If you stop in the shop we can show you some of the patterns that are producing....Jay Zimmerman

These fish are definately on the feed as the morning sun warms the surface water in the shallows. I'm finding that smaller patterns are producing better results....Paul Prentiss