Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reef Flush March 30th

The annual spring flush up on the North Platte @ Gray Reef will start this Monday and continue through April 3rd. Flows will go from 500 cfs to 5000 cfs daily, with peak flows at midnight recending to base at noon. Fishing has been good, The usual spring suspects red worms, eggs, scuds, hot head leeches and the mighty GRS have all been producing in recent weeks.


  1. I think the tail is rabbit strips, but is the body the same? I want to tie some up.

  2. The tail is rust or crawfish squirrel. The front is sparkle leech dubbing in brown (basically an angora goat blend with flash). The underbody has 10 wraps of .20 lead along with the bead. but weight to suit.We do have the dubbing, squirrel, beads, lead and the actual fly in sock if needed. thanks Rob