Friday, April 24, 2009

We don't have pike but we've got something else with BIG teeth in Florida. Jay can try unhooking one of these guys.

Wanted to let Rob know that his Belly Ache Minnow works on Sea Trout, Jacks, and Snook. Plus other fish like this little monster.

The beach fishing for Snook has been slow due to wind and waves...there have been a few storms in the Gulf. Moreover, the temperature of the water is still a little cold...mid 60's. Snook like temperatures 70 degrees or better. This morning I caught 2 (just under 30 inches) and 1/2 dozen small Jacks in the surf.

Yesterday I fished Tarpon Bay for Sea Trout. I caught quite a few but they were not particularity large - 12 to 16 inches. I though I had hooked a large Redfish but it turned out to be a big saltwater catfish! Last time I was here I learned from some local you DO NOT WANT TO HANDLE THESE FISH. One of the spines puncture a hand and it swelled up to be the size of a football. He said it took 6 months for his hand to return to normal...for 4 months he was in constant pain.


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