Thursday, June 11, 2009

Always Consult With Experts

This past weekend I enjoyed a break in the rain and headed to Fairgrounds lake to stretch a line while taking a family stroll. Carp fishing there has been good for me the past few weeks, in fact I landed my first Grass Carp this past Monday. Sunday was a different story however; as alot of people were taking advantage of the free fishing weekend, and frankly the carp were a little rattled by the time we arrived. Thank-fully I had a good guide in company (William Kolanda) and he pointed out just the right pattern for Largemouths. The afternoon could have been a complete fishing failure had he not assisted. He is shown here inspecting the hook placement of the Belly-ache, probably to assess how quickly I set the hook. He'll be available to guide in 14 years or so, but feel free to book your trip now as the kid seems to have a real nose for it!

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