Friday, June 5, 2009

A little something...

Well, I had to go back to Antero one last time this season while the Chironomids where still coming off strong and im sure glad that I did.  We hit the water around eight with a hand full of Chironomids and a sparse mix of a few scuds and Cal-Beatis patterns.  As predicted the Crirono was all the slabs wanted.  By the time we hit 50 fish it was noon and decided that the best way to celebrate was to shot-gun salute with a PBR, which made for a fun afternoon.
Antero sure can grow some pigs but it seems like some of the largest fish leave the lake on ice.  It is estimated that in a given weekend some 500 p
ounds of fish get pulled out of the lake.  I know the supply might seem endless but I can already notice a difference in the trophy hookups on the lake and the smaller 16-18 inch fish that have
 been caught and released are taking with a little more delicacy and their mouths have been
 scared and tattered from spoons and big barbs. 

With the spring wrapping up and summer coming in, the fishing should continue to be good and the crowds should thin, but its Antero so always count on a few other boats.  Its also
 interesting to look at the break down of the diet of these fish, might help you to make a better selection when you are heading out next.

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