Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fish & Fireworks on the Yampa River

Over the Fourth of July, we headed up to the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, CO.
The water was a little high,but clear, and the bugs were out in abundance. There was a massive amount of Caddis, we did see some Yellow Sallies and some PMD's.
The river through town is beautiful, there is a wide variety of runs and pocket water. With the water being up a bit high, 710 CFS, wading is pretty difficult, I would recommend wearing studded wading boot's to help grip. Keep your eye on the CFS, I was watching the CFS pretty close, seeing it drop like a rock, then it was heading back up the day we got there. The water has come down in the last week, it is now 360CFS, a perfect flow. The most productive way we found fishing was hitting the bank with a Stimulator followed up with a Bloom's Para Caddis or a adult Yellow Sallie. Nymphing fishing was pretty good with a Golden stone nymph followed by a caddis or Yellow sallie nymph.

Anglers also have a good shot at getting into a grand slam of fish, we came close, the only fish we didn't get was a toothy critter.

The one down side to fishing in towns is the massive amount of tuber's that might hatch through out the day. To learn more about the tube at take a look at Jay's Hatch guide on Tubers.

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