Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boulder Creek Caddis -- Fly Tying Demo

Hot Flies

In an effort to keep your fly box fresh and loaded with the best patterns around FRA has this to offer; Jay Zimmerman's own Boulder Creek Caddis.

Jay speaks on his pattern,"This fly was developed to be used as a great lead fly in a dry dropper rig, it is super easy to see and rides low in the water to attract more fish...the benefit of the curved hook means that this fly hangs droppers just right so that the most subtle strike can be detected."

Material List:

Hook--Tiemco 200R size 16
Thread -- Lagartun 95D X-Strong Black
Hackel -- Size 16 Lt Dun Saddle Hackel
Wings -- Natures Sprit Cow Elk Hair Dun Color
Body -- D Rib Medium Lt. Golden Stone
Indicator -- McFly Foam Clown Colors for different situations
Head -- Black Super Fine dubbing

Tied on a Peak Vise

Buy the material package and receive a 10% discount on the list.

Keep em fresh and riding high. See this pattern and more on the FRA website under Fly Tying.

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