Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carp on a Grasshopper!

Mark Moeller and I went out to chase down some Golden U-Boats on Friday. We found the water very off color, so muddy that we only had a couple inches of visibility. We worked the usual spots, but had no luck. So we decided to change strategy and try near deeper water. When we got to the other end of the lake we saw carp in hugging the dam, milling around in the rocks looking for food. And again we came up empty.
We did see a lot of carp farther out in deep water cruising just below the surface...looking like big golden U-Boat's from an old World War Two movie! They would nose up, porpoise on the surface, then dive strait back down. We would launch our fly at them, but by then the carp had sounded...disappearing back into the murky depths.
Out of pure frustration Mark and I dug into our fly boxes for a big dry. The best fly we had was a Silver Creek Hopper and within the first cast a carp came up from the depths, looked at it and opened it's mouth to eat it! We were so surprised we missed the fish! We kept at it, working down the dam, seeing fish coming up and making as valiant casts as possible. With luck!
After loosing the hopper due to a bad knot, the only other big dry we had was a Rubber legged Stimulator. We had equally good results.
By the end of the day the two of us had hooked and lost a bunch of fish. But landed some, too! A great day of chasing carp on a dry fly!

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