Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crush This! Muskie

On Sunday, September 27, Kyle Anderson of Rapid City, MI caught this 50-pound 8-ounce Great Lakes muskie. The fish is now the new Michigan state record. It beat the old record, set in 1984, by 2.5 pounds. Anderson was fishing in Torch Lake, near Traverse City.

To read the full story see it here at Field and Stream.

Now this is the type of fisherman that I like, hard core to the max!

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  1. That's how we do it up here, hardcore. I fish with kyle and we both fish very hard he is just a little sicker in the head. Kyle will troll from sunup to sunset with no bites and look at it as being closer to getting the one. He got the one. It should be noted that Kyle tried to revive the fish and he shoved it out of his hand in an effort to get water passing through its gills and to not kill the fish (he even video taped it on his phone). The fish did die and he is now the deseving record holder. This kid lives to fish and knows the waters up there better then anyone. Congrats to him.

  2. What a fabulous fish! Congratulations. I would love to post the photo on my blog with a link to your site. My blog is http://thegreatwhitehunter.wordpress.com/

    Congrats again!