Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fly Tying Demo -- Bellyache Minnow

Hot Flies

In an effort to keep your fly box fresh and loaded with the best patterns around FRA has this to offer, Rob Kolanda's Bellyache Minnow

"This fly was originally designed to be a shad imitation, but due to limitless color combination's and sizes this pattern can mimic almost any bait fish. Another great feature of the 'Bellyache Technology' is that the fly rides hook up so you can work deep cover and significantly reduce the number of hang ups. This fly has caught lists of coldwater species, warmwater species and because of the hook a number of saltwater fish."

~Rob Kolanda

Material List:

Hook--Gamagatsu SC15 size 8-1/0
Thread -- Lagartun 95D X-Strong White
Body -- Ice Dub - color's to suit
Head -- Thread base, coated with Hard as Hull or epoxy
Eyes -- 3-D or Flat Stick on eyes size and color to suit

Tied on a Peak Vise
Buy the material package and receive a 10% discount on the list.

Not a fly tier? Thats ok we have the bellyache minnow selection here. Six flies in three colors for $15.

Keep an eye out on the website for more fly tying demos and a pattern index as long as your arm.
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