Monday, November 30, 2009

Dream Stream -- Aint Got nothing

Midwest Represent! Although these guys are number hunters and kind of dorks about the whole thing, they do land some large fish out of small water. Just get out and fish, dont try and make yourself a fly fishing hero, but damn those some hogs.


  1. Great video of the Great Lakes Tributaries. My cousin consistently fishes these during the fall and he hits fish like those everyday. I had a chance to go with him around halloween and we landed 5 kings over 10 lbs and a couple browns over 5. The chicago trout bum has a great blog if you like the midwest. if you ever get a chance you should check it out.

  2. That's correct Chase. Though these are nice fish, any angler with some experience has a chance at monsters like these in the great lakes tribs. These guys just care about the "record". If I kept track I would have many "record" fish. Not to say that it doesn't make it fun. It's great! and if you want a monster brown trout or steelhead, the great lakes produce! Thank god for lake-run trout!