Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dream Stream Weekend

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend time with old friends doing something we all love; fly fishing. We headed up to my friend's cabin at about 6:30 on Friday night and spent the evening tying flies, drinking whiskey, and talking about our plan of attack for Saturday morning. We had heard that the first few hours of sunlight were the best, so we planned on being the first people on the river.

We awoke the next morning, still hazy from the night before, and immediately made our way to the river. When we arrived, there were six cars in the first parking lot, so we decided to stop at the second lot. There were only two cars in the second lot, so we decided to stay.

We approached the river with great anticipation and made our way to our first hole. When we walked up, I noticed a nice Brown Trout hugging the bank and feeding on something under the water. I "sight fished" him for about an hour before he took a size 16 orange egg pattern. After a long fight, he was int he net. Almost immediately after that, my friend was in a battle with a nice Rainbow. We thought this was going to be one of our best days of fishing in a while. After the sun came up more, and 10:00 rolled around, our luck began to run out. The river was loaded with people, it became less intimate, and the fish retreated into the depths. The rest of Saturday was spent drinking beer on the river and watching pods of beautiful Kokanee (which were all over the river).

The next day, we woke up early (once again) and headed to the river for "round two". This time the first parking lot was empty. We saw this as a great opportunity and immediately headed to the most popular holes right next to the road. We watched as Kokanee pushed up the river and managed a couple dead drifting egg patterns. After the sun came up all the way, and 10:00 rolled around, our luck began to run out for a second time. The river became crowded and the fish got smart.

Just before we left, I had remembered Rob (from Front Range Anglers) had suggested dead drifting and stripping an egg sucking leech. He said this would attract some huge hits from some real hogs. My friends wanted to head back to Boulder, but I was still determined to land a monster (Since I knew they were in there). I tied on the egg sucking leech as my friends pulled the car up. I began dead drifting the leech under the road/bridge. After a few casts, I saw a large body come out from some rocks and take a look a t my fly. It only took one more cast before I saw his white mouth open and felt my rod almost fly out of my hand. I had hooked into the biggest Brown Trout of my life. I proceeded to fight him for about five minutes under the road, and then another five minutes after I pulled him from under the road. We eventually landed him; the fist pumps and screams began almost immediately.

All in all, the Dream Stream was challenging this weekend due to low flows, huge crowds, and smart fish. We managed a few nice fish on eggs and streamers, but the fishing was only good in the first few hours of daylight. We did see some really big fish though.

I never thought I would be smart enough or good enought to land a huge fish but "practice makes perfect", "persistence pays off", and "you cannot beat good advice".

Thanks again to Front Range Anglers for your great advice and wonderful reports. You have given me all the tools to catch the biggest Brown of my life.

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