Monday, February 23, 2009

Attention All Fisherman

It's Movie time!! The third annual Fly Fishing Film Tour is stopping by the Boulder Theater this Thursday night. For more information check out the web site www.flyfishingfilm
Doors open at 7:00.

New FRA Lids are in!!

Had a chance to run down to the South Platte at Deckers on Saturday. The flow was 88 CFS and clear above Horse Creek. The weather was perfect! A high around 48, and no wind. We primarily fished from Deckers up stream to Wigwam. After playing around with several different nymph combos, the ticket seemed to be a size 12 Amber scud, with a dropper of a black midge. We were able to pick up a few fish on a San Juan worm, Gray Reef Special, BTS Baetis and Hurricane Midge. The trick to fishing the South Platte this time of year is finding the deep holes and pockets. Hunt the water between Deckers down to Trumbull. The flow has dropped to 63 CFS this week but can change without warning so check out the stream flow data on our home page before heading out!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beat the cold with hot fishing on North Platte

Freezing temps, snow, wind & hot fish. Doesn't sound that bad does it? For anglers willing to drive a few hours north and layer up correctly it 's easy to forget about elements for a short while, releasing big trout.

Fishing the North Platte beneath the reservoir system in central Wyoming can be quite good this time of year. Gray Reef, Freemont Canyon, and the Miracle Mile are all fishing well, despite persistant wind and occasional snow. Flow levels and the number of fish sharing the same winter water (deep runs, pools, and tail outs) make this an ideal time to wade fish as when you catch one fish you can probably find several others within the same piece of water. Nymphing with scuds, red annelids, midges and eggs produced fish up to 22'' - in fact we only caught a couple smaller than 16"! Pressure was light and we were able to move from hole to hole at our leisure. Take advantage of this great fishing before the crowds of April arrive!