Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Bugs are here!

The Midges are here! We have been seeing a lot of bugs poping along the Front Range. Boulder Crrek, Big Thompson, and South Platte have been Hot!

We have great reports from the Western Slope. The Colorado and Roaring Fork Valley are fishing very well. We are starting to hear some sightings of BWO. Flows across the state are perfect.

After months of tying, it's finally time to get out and use them.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Happening Now (Baetis)

This past Wednesday March 25th I happened to be in the right place at the right time for the MOST INCREDIBLE Baetis (BWO) hatch that I personally have ever encountered. Myself and two fishing buddies had fantastic fishing on dry flies and emergers for just over two hours. We had so much fun that we quit before the hatch was over and decided to celebrate with some Rolling Rock. To the left is one of the patterns we had extremely good luck with.

We were fishing the Roaring Fork River close to Carbondale.

Give this pattern a try. For recipe and/or tying unstructions got to LoJ's Fly Tying & Bug Stuff blog at


LO Jurgens and Friends

Friday, March 27, 2009

Instructions/Recipe for Pandemic Mayfly

Pandemic Mayfly: Callibaetis/PMD(SHOWN ABOVE)/BWO
By: Rob Kolanda
Hook: Dai-Riki 285
Size: 14-22
Thread: 6/0 To match
Tail: Hungarian Partridge Feather Barbules
Rib: Black Small/X-Small Ultra Wire (Copper on pmd, use small size on larger sizes)
Gills: Scud Olive or Natural Gray Ostrich Herl
Wingcase: Black 1 mm Foam(use .5 mm on smaller sizes)
Flashback: Mirage Small or Narrow Flashabou
Thorax: Same as body
Legs: Hungarian Partridge Feather Barbules
Head: Tying Thread

Tying Instructions
1. Start the thread at mid-hook shank point and wrap to above the hook point.
2. Tie in rib wire and the tail barbules. Overwrap to above the hook barb. Number of barbules is tyers choice. Cut off excess.
3. Dub a tight tapered abdomen to the hook shank mid-point.
4. Spiral-wrap the rib wire, making 5~7 “ribs” to the hook shank mid-point.
Tie in and cut off excess.
5. Tie in 1 Ostrich Herl and make 3~5 wraps. Tie in and cut off excess.
6. Tie in 1 strand of Mirage Flashabou on top of the hook shank.
7. Tie in a 1/8” wide piece of foam on top of the hook shank.
8. Dub a thick thorax that (appx twice as thick as the abdomen) to 1 eye length behind the hook eye.
9. Pull the foam forward over the thorax and tie in 1 eye length behind the hook eye.
Cut off excess.
10. Pull the Mirage Flashabou forward over the thorax and tie in 1 eye length behind the hook eye. Cut off excess.
11. Tie in 3~6 leg barbules on each side of the hook shank. Overwrap the barbules forcing them to the rear. Cut off excess.
12. Wrap and whip-finish a medium size head.
13. Optional: Apply water-based head cement to the whip finish.
14. Catch the %@^# out of trout!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reef Flush March 30th

The annual spring flush up on the North Platte @ Gray Reef will start this Monday and continue through April 3rd. Flows will go from 500 cfs to 5000 cfs daily, with peak flows at midnight recending to base at noon. Fishing has been good, The usual spring suspects red worms, eggs, scuds, hot head leeches and the mighty GRS have all been producing in recent weeks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spinney Opener

Spinney Reservoir is set to open this Friday morning at sunrise. Long lines at the entrance are the norm but fishing should be spectacular. Eggs, Scuds, Chironomids, leeches, and streamers are the typical tickets for success. If fighting for bank space doesn't sound like fun 11 Mile and Antero have open water and are fishing great! I fished 11 mile last week and did well with scuds and leeches-average fish size indicates a very healthy fishery! All aforementioned patterns are in stock and anxious to be inserted into hungry mouths.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roaring Fork Baetis

Submitted by Andrew Midwood

Over the last couple of years I have spent more and more time fishing the Roaring Fork between Aspen and Glenwood. I must say, I have come to love the Fork for its beauty and raw nature. The Fork demands that out of town hard-boat drifters have their act together when they get on the river both in terms of rowing and in relation to their fly selection. Although I have been fishing and floating the Fork for years, I am always surprised by the ever changing macroinvertebrate selection and my lack of knowledge concerning pattern selection for this river. OK ....I know that you can through on a 20-incher, or a San Juan and beat them up pretty good but, I am talking about that specific patterns that increase your catch rate by 60 to 100%. In specific, I am talking about matching the baetis hatch with Rob Kolanda's new Pandemic Mayfly BWO sz 20-22 (comercialy tied by Solitude).

Your old P-Tails and Copper Jim/Bobs can take a hike. If you really want to slay browns, bows, Colorado River cuts and even the elusive mountain white fish tie on one of these bad boys and have some fun. Incidentally this pattern kicks ass in many other undisclosed locations this time of year and again in the fall. Also...checkout the STD baetis tyed by Will Sands (Taylor Creek Fly Shop) and produced by Umpqua.

I Don't Believe It!

There is another German on the loose tying over the edge fly patterns just like Jay Zimmerman. His name is Andreas Weiss and he was a 2008 winner in the Mustad Scandinavian Open Fly Tying Competition. Above is his pattern, Bass at Work, which looks similar to what I've seen recently from Jay! Are they related? Is it some kind of fly tying conspiracy?

St. Vrain gets needed help

The city of Lyons in conjunction with the Division of Wildlife is proposing to make the St. Vrain river through Lyons catch and release. Initial agreements will improve this section dramatically as the shocking results from last fall revealed a dismal 23 adult fish. This section has recieved stockings but unfortunately cannot support catch and keep pressure dispite favorable water flows and improved habitat. A public meeting discussing this proposal will be held at City of Lyons town hall April 6th at 6:30 P.M. Anyone with an interest in the future of this fishery is encouraged to attend. Special thanks to the St. Vrain chapter of TU for their efforts in this project, and to Mike Clark at South Creek Limited for informing us of the progress.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trophy guided Trips

Time to take advantage of warm weather, longer days and great fishing! Our private leases at Gold Lake and Sylvan Dale are open and fishing great! Now is one of the best times to target trophy fish and our guides know where and how to get them! We are the areas most experienced outfitter going on our 26th year of business! Treat yourself or give a gift to some one special.
Find out why we've been the industries recommended guide service, with many of our guides featured in articles, books, Colorado fishing DVD's and television shows airing on ESPN, Outdoor channel and others. Don't settle on second class outfits-you deserve the best!
Call and book a full or half day on a day of your choosing. Top shelf equipment is included if needed, and lunch is provided on full day trips.
If lake fishing is not your forte, our local creeks and nearby rivers are fishing exceptional! Trips out the past two weeks have been nothing short of exceptional, with good windows of dry fly fishing already. Come see why pre-runoff fishing is some of the best of the year!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just Another Carp Fly

This fly is a take-off on a pattern I saw some time ago which had the same name. I've changed it so much that only two components remain the same - the use of Artic Fox for the wing and the 8 rubber legs

Hook: Dia-Riki #810 Size 6 1X
Thread: UTC 140 Dark Olive
Eyes: Black Beadchain or lead (deeper water)
Body: Crawdub 70% mud brown & 30% burnt orange
Tail/Legs: Crazy Legs root beer/orange (4 @ the tail & 2 behind the eyes). Note the use of 6 strands of krystal flash in the tail (bonefish)
Wing: Olive/brown Artic Fox

Larry's Latest Creation

Olive Dredgemerger
By: Larry O Jurgens
Hook: TMC 2457, TMC 2487, TMC 2488 or TMC 2488H
Sizes: 12 ~ 22
Thread: Olive UTC 70
Tail: Medium Pardo Coq de Leon Tailing Barbules
Abdomen: Olive, UTC Ultra Wire (Size, Tyers Choice)
Wingcase and Wing Buds: Black Float Vis
Thorax: Brown Olive Superfine Dubbing
Head: Brown Olive Cyclops Bead, Sized To Hook
Other: Zap CA+ Super Glue and Hard as Hull “HaH” Head Cement

This pattern works well for emerging Caddis and Baetis/Blue Wing Olives when tied in the appropriate sizes. I tie Caddis patterns in sizes 12~18 and Baetis/Blue Wing Olives in sizes 18~22 with Black or Brown Olive Bead.
It also works well for a “searching” pattern when nothing discernible is hatching.
I fish this pattern several different ways, by itself, or with 2 different sizes (the smallest as the dropper) and as a dry and dropper setup.

Step - Tying Instructions
1 - Slide bead onto the hook shank to behind the hook eye.
2 - Start the thread behind the bead.
3 - Tie in the tail material and wrap a smooth thread base partway down the

hook shank. Tail length equals the hook gape.
4 - Return the thread to behind the bead wrapping a smooth thread base.
5 - Use a bodkin to apply a thin coat of super glue to the thread base.
Note: Be careful to not to get the super glue on the tail fibers.
6 - Tie in the abdomen wire behind bead. Insert the wire end into the bead

before tying in.
7 - Wrap the abdomen wire partway down the hook bend covering the

thread base. Break the wire on the underneath side of the hook shank.
8 - Optional: Coat the abdomen with “HaH” for durability.
9 - Select a pencil lead sized bunch of the wingcase/wing buds material.

Tie in behind the bead and overwrap to the end of the thorax area.
10 - Dub a thorax to behind the bead.
Note: The thorax should be the same width and thickness as the bead.
11 - Pull the wingcase over the thorax are and tie in with 2~3 wraps.
12 - Divide the fibers in front of the hook eye and fold back for the wing buds.
Note: The wing buds should be on the sides of the wingcase, not on the

hook shank sides like legs.
Trim the wing buds shorter than the abdomen (length is tyers choice).
13 - Whip-finish using a minimum number of wraps.
14 - Optional: Apply 2 coats of "HaH" to the wingcase and/or to the abdomen

for durability.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carp on the Feed

A Jason Shockley sent me this picture of Carp he took on Sunday of last week out of lower Boulder Creek. "I spotted a huge school of Carp feeding. I quickly re-rigged and tied on a carp fly (the Carpzilla...cross between a stonefly nymph and a zonker ... on second though don't ask!). The biggest Carp of the day was a 28-pound monster, and I fought him for about 20 minutes! I caught about 12 more carp before the day was over."