Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cool Weather Pike

With the changes in weather, Pike will conitnue to feed. Try fishing smaller flies. Overcast days can be the best time to fish for Pike. The first place I head to on a lake is were the wind is blowing into the bank. This will bring warmer water temps, and bait fish. Fishing off the mudline can also produce fish.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Flyfishing for pike in Colorado

Got out and fished for northern pike yesterday...something I look forward to all winter! A group of us from the shop went down to Ladora Lake. Got there early and started whacking fish right away! Stayed until 2:00 and decided to call it a day...some had to get back to work (Russ) others had class (Tyler) besides, we had landed landed over 35 pike between the four of us! Got my hands a bit bloody, but we managed to get the photos and footage we needed. Check out the movie!

We don't have pike but we've got something else with BIG teeth in Florida. Jay can try unhooking one of these guys.

Wanted to let Rob know that his Belly Ache Minnow works on Sea Trout, Jacks, and Snook. Plus other fish like this little monster.

The beach fishing for Snook has been slow due to wind and waves...there have been a few storms in the Gulf. Moreover, the temperature of the water is still a little cold...mid 60's. Snook like temperatures 70 degrees or better. This morning I caught 2 (just under 30 inches) and 1/2 dozen small Jacks in the surf.

Yesterday I fished Tarpon Bay for Sea Trout. I caught quite a few but they were not particularity large - 12 to 16 inches. I though I had hooked a large Redfish but it turned out to be a big saltwater catfish! Last time I was here I learned from some local you DO NOT WANT TO HANDLE THESE FISH. One of the spines puncture a hand and it swelled up to be the size of a football. He said it took 6 months for his hand to return to normal...for 4 months he was in constant pain.


Monday, April 20, 2009

2000 Miles Away ~ Sanibel Island, FL

While its bit of a trek I though I give you an update or two from SE Florida. Today I had to pickup grandchildren at Miami International Airport (160 miles). Part of the drive passed through Big Cypress National Preserve along US 75. I have never been through this area so I pulled over for 45 minutes on the east side (1/2 dozen rec areas to choose from) to see what a white and yellow Clouser might produce. Didn't see any snook but I'm told they are in the canals. I did catch one nice largemouth...maybe 4 lbs.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A great caddis pupa pattern

This pattern is from the fertile miond of Jay Zimmerman!!
It is very Effective!! Give it a try.

For recipe and tying instructions got to LoJ's Fly Tying & Bug Stuff or click on the LINKS OF INTEREST.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cold Weather Bass

• Bass slow down as the water cools so fish slow - at least 1/2 normal speed.
• Fish areas where their are relatively steep banks. Bass like to move vertically along these locations.
• Select patterns that can be crawled along the bottom - stop and twitch near cover.
• Fish Deep bass will not move into the shallow water until there are a consecutive series of warm days.
• Don't expect a lot of bites, but patience will bring fish.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Mothers Day Caddis Hatch Fast Approaching

The "Mothers Day Caddis" hatch is going to be here soon. This emerger pattern served me and others well last year in the Roaring Fork Valley area watersheds. You might want to give it a try. As you well know this "storied" hatch can begin at any time from the first week in April to the last week in May depending on the weather and/or watershed. I am not aware of any commerically tied pattern like this other than Tim Fox's "Poopah". This pattern is an adaptaion of the "Poopah". For giggles and grins tie some up using other colored abdomens using your San Juan Worm materials. Remember ther are no "Fly Tying Police" at this time!

For the pattern recipe and/or tying instructions click on “LoJ’s Fly Tying & Bug Stuff” in the LINKS OF INTEREST Section on this blog page.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Backstabber

We get a lot of inquiries on the Backstabber. This Carp fly pattern was created by Jay Zimmerman. In its rust color variation it can resemble a crayfish, in its Black color variation it can imitate a leech. Carp feed on a wide range of opportunistic prey species including, but not limited to; aquatic insects, terrestrial insects, leeches, crayfish, minnows and worms. Given their very wide pallet, fur and feather fly offerings are well in their appetite range as long as proper technique is used along with a reasonable life like appearance of the pattern. It was not so long ago that Carp flies did not exist so we have come a long way in a short period of time. Carp can be wary adversaries but this pattern is a proven winner with many a carp to its belt before it became a commercial success. This is not just a carp pattern as we have used it for Smallmouth as well as Redfish. It is commercially available at the shop.