Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

A little late but Santa was busy with delivering presents, eating cookies, and catching winter steelhead, but none the less he has made a guest appearance at FRA. Tied by one of our customers Noah Fitch, here Santa resembles a delicious worm cluster, rather than the fat jolly man that we count on to deliver presents and holiday cheer. In the eyes of an addicted trout maniac, even our holiday figure head can be a succulent treat for a fish.
Have a great new year and were looking forward to providing you with more great fishaholic stories, media, and more in 2010.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black Ice BLM (Beaded Little Mayfly)

BLM (Beaded Little Mayfly)
Developed by Tim Heng, manager of Taylor Creek Fly Shop, the BLM (Beaded Little Mayfly) is one of the most effective little mayfly/midge imitations ever. A thorax style bead with just the right amount of material - deadly. Great early and late in the season. The BLM was awarded the fly of the year in 2002 by Flyfisherman Magazine

TMC 3769 Size 16

For the pattern recipe and the tying instructions go to
Or click on “LoJ’s Fly Tying & Bug Stuff” in the LINKS OF INTEREST Section.
~ LoJ

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness from RA Beattie on Vimeo.

After years of guiding this was one of the funniest video shorts that I have seen in a long time. He nailed the guide mentality to a "T" when on the water with clients. This is one of the many videos that are featured in the new video Nervous Water by RA, a video that covers every species worth catching on a fly.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Colorado Trout Unlimited Gala/Auction 3/19/2010

If you’re an experienced angler and willing to donate a fishing trip, 25% of the net proceeds will come directly back to a TU chapter of your choice. Click here to get the specifics. If you don’t think this is important here’s a question to consider.....who is going to address the following activities for anglers if CTU doesn’t have the needed funds?
–Roadless issues
–Global warming impacts
–Water quality monitoring programs
–Ground water and mine contamination
–Oil & gas impacts
–Invasive species
–Whirling disease
–Instream flow initiatives
–Acid disposition caused by air pollution
–Youth conservation and fishing camps
–Stream clean Ups
–River enhancement projects
–Fishery & wild trout management
–Angler access
–Support for 22 Colorado TU chapters

Think about it.....Paul Prentiss

Bear vrs a Mtn Lion

This is sweet...

Monday, December 14, 2009

This Picture Blows Me Away!

If this Taimen was entered in our Fish Porn Contest it would probably win. From the description on the photo it appears that it was caught on the Tugar River in Russia. From looking at it I'd guess it's weight at 85 to 100-pounds and maybe 65-inches in length.....can you imagine a trout this large on a flyrod!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Front Range Anglers Clinic

This is an invitation to join me December 19, 2009 from 10 am till noon for a fly tying clinic at: Front Range Anglers
629B South Broadway Boulder, CO 80305
Phone 303-494-1375
If you are unfamiliar with the Boulder area give Mapquest a try.
I will be tying Baetis, Caddis and Chironomid patterns.
Larry O Jurgens

Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Midge Hatch

I hope that this will get you through another week of cold weather on the front range. We are set to see a warming for a few days. Grab your gear and head down to the river for some fun! This video clip belongs to RA Beattie and shows why the Roaring Fork is known as one of the best rivers in the state no matter what time of year it is.

Monday, December 7, 2009

FRA Holiday Gift Guide

2009 Holiday Gift Ideas

Front Range Anglers understands that buying the perfect gift, let alone a fishing gift, for that special someone can be hard - that's why we have put together a list of potential gift ideas. This list has gifts that are hits among the staff here and are consistent sellers to our loyal customers. The idea is to lessen the stress of finding the perfect gift in addition to have a list that can be easily works well as a fisherman's wish list. We broke it down by price so you can easily find gifts that match your budget.

~Happy Holidays from the staff at Front Range Anglers

Gifts Under $15

  • Simms Trout Bottle Opener $5.95 Nothing is better than cracking open a cold beverage after a day of fishing, with a fish.

  • Western River Maps $9.95 Get the best information on the rivers you fish most or learn about a new river you are planning a trip to.

  • 20/20 Tippet Threader $9.99 For Anglers who's eyesight is not what it use to be, this helpful tools allows you to thread flies with minimal effort.

  • Mosquito Annoyer $12.95 It actually works! Keep the bugs off and enjoy the river.

  • 2010 Women in Waders $12.95 What office or home is complete without the women in on your wall?

  • Fishpond Pack it in/out Micro Trash Container $12.95 Fishing with a conscious, this clever tool helps to reduce the amount of trash that gets left behind on the river.

  • Nippers/Forceps A gift that every angler always needs and they never buy for themselves.

  • Tippet Post / Retractor Help get someone better organized out on the river.

  • Fishing Colorado's Major 6 Rivers A great DVD that highlights Colorado's best rivers and how to fish them.

Gifts Under $30

  • Fly Fishers Guide to RMNP $19.95 The most comprehensive book on fly fishing Rocky Mountain National Park. A must for every angler who enjoys high altitude fishing!

  • Fishpond Fishing Note Cards $24 Everyone needs something to say thank you, hello, and more on. What better to write on than fishing cards!

  • 100 Best Flies for Colorado 2010 Book $24.95 Hot off the press, this book makes choosing flies easy for Colorado anglers.

  • Umpqua Small Fly Box $24.99 A perfect addition to any angler's arsenal. Pack the bugs you need for a day out on your favorite river or lake.

  • Front Range Anglers T-Shirt $21.95 This is a killer t-shirt, but then again were biased!

  • Simms ExStream Wading Sock $24.95 Keep your feet warm and dry even on the coldest days. Made out of merino wool, these are naturally wicking and itch free.

  • Running Down the Man DVD $25 If you like saltwater fishing this DVD will scratch any itch. This movie is exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat and is much more than just fishing.

  • Fishpond Card Set $29 Because there is always a rainy day, even on the best trips.

  • Neoprene Wet Wading Socks $29.95 Use your current wading boots and enjoy the feel of the cool water in the warm summer months.

Gifts Under $50

  • Rise 2010 DVD of the Year $29.99 This was one of the most anticipated DVD releases of all time. With plenty of rising trout, tailing Permit, and more fish than you can shake a stick at, Check it out!

  • Fly Fishing Journal $34.95 This is the perfect way to document the best and worst days on the river, not only to remember the good days, but really the most important part is knowing what flies were the most effective.

  • Fishpond Thermos $39 Keep your morning coffee hot throughout the day, even on the coldest days of the year with a stylish and functional thermos.

  • Simms Dry Creek Camera Bag $39.95 Keep your camera close at hand without having to wonder if it's going to be safe. Capture your fondest memories on the water or on the beach.

  • Sage Humidor $40 Know someone who enjoys a cigar? This mini fly rod tube acts as a perfect humidor for the river, boat, or around the office.

  • FRA Guide Fly Selections $41.95 30% OFF Our guides gave us there best flies and we put them together for our customers to enjoy. Match your species of fish with one of many selections. You wont find these flies anywhere else!

  • Fishpond Toiletry Kit $49 Keep all your toiletries organized and within reach on any trip. This bag is built and designed in the classic Fishpond style, looks good and works even better.

  • Fly Fishing Tailwaters Book by Pat Dorsey $49.99 Another grand slam by Colorado author and Guide Pat Dorsey. This could be considered the bible for any fisherman who wades beneath dams.

  • Simms Waderwick Fleece Top $49.95 Stay warm on the water or on the slopes with the super soft fleece underwear from Simms.

  • Simms Gore-Tex Hat $49.95 Stay warm on the coldest days on the river or out shoveling the driveway.

Gifts Under $100

  • Deyoung Fish Prints $65 These are prints from Montana Artist Derrick DeYoung's most well known paintings. All prints are signed, titled, and numbered, limited to either 500 or 150 prints per painting.

  • Umpqua Beginners Fly Tying Kit $69.99 A great idea to help round out a fly fisherman's tackle box. Create your favorite flies or try tying something new.

  • Brodin Ghost Net Hand crafted nets with clear bags that are easy on the fish and won't snag your flies when landing fish. Replace your old net with a ghost net and enjoy the difference.

  • Fishpond Windwalker Chest Pack $89 Our most popular chest pack from the best vest designers in the business. With a pocket and zinger for everything, it keeps even the most disorganized in order.

  • Fish Plates, Mugs, and Home Goods Decorate your home or cabin with the fish stoneware in different patterns from Trout to Tarpon on Mugs, Plates, and more.

  • Abel custom engraved Money Clip $99.99 These beautiful money clips come in a variety of colors with different custom fish engravings. These make the perfect gift for the anglers who has it all.

Gifts Over $100

  • Simms Purist Wading Shoe $119.95 This is the perfect shoe for wading in the summer months, spending the day out on the beach, or walking around town.

  • Peak Rotary Vise $143.95 A great vise for the beginner fly tier or expert. Designed by fly tiers for tiers and carries a very light price tag.

  • Redington Classic Trout 6-Piece Travel Fly Rod $180 The perfect rod for the traveling businessmen. A fly rod with a great feel, light price tag, and fits perfectly into your carry-on. Need I say more?

  • Simms Windstopper Guide Fleece Jacket $249.95 This might be one of my personal favorite new 2010 Simms items. A super tough, warm, and stylish jacket that is intended to be worn in the worst of conditions.

  • Simms Sportswear All of the most classic fishing shirts from the best, Simms.

Gifts for New Anglers

  • Basic Fly Fishing Book $19.95 Learn the basics and catch more fish. This is a great way to help get over the learning curve.

  • Measure Net Starting at $22 Never miss landing the big one and while the fish is in the net you can get an accurate size so that you can exaggerate accordingly.

  • FRA Fly Selection $41.95 30% OFF Our guides gave us there best flies and we put them together for our customers to enjoy. Match your species of fish with one of many selections. You won't find these flies anywhere else!
  • Beginners Package: Vest, Tools, and Fly Box $99.99 One shop shopping here, this kit comes with everything a new fly fisherman would need to head down to the river. Just add water.

  • Waders and Boots $210 A Simms wader and Chota boot combo for just $210. A great wader that will endure seasons of fishing.

  • Sage Vantage Rod, Reel, and Line Combo $395 A fly rod built to be the perfect do it all rod! Perfect for beginners or the experienced fisherman looking to add another rod to the line-up without breaking the bank. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

For the Fisherman who "Has it All"

  • Basic Fly Tying by Charlie Craven $39.95 This might be the best fly tying book ever written. Not just for the beginner, but anyone who wants to learn more and become an expert fly tier.

  • Sage Humidor $40 Know someone who enjoys a cigar? This mini fly rod tube acts as a perfect humidor for the river, boat, or around the office.

  • FRA Guide Fly Selections $41.95 30% OFF Our guides gave us there best flies and we put them together for our customers to enjoy. Match your species of fish with one of many selections. You wont find these flies anywhere else!

  • C&F Fly Box $49.95 Help organize all the flies that you have or are going to have.

  • Cliff Justin Case Fly Box $89.99 One of the biggest best fly boxes around, I'm sure that you don't have this one...

  • Fishpond Fly Tying Kit Bag $169 Is your fly tying desk overflowing? Want to be able to organize and take your favorite materials on the road or just stash them away. This is the answer.

  • Abel Knife and Pliers Set $350 The greatest knife on the market made by the best.
  • Book a Guided Trip on Private Water There is a stretch of water or a lake with your name on it!

Still looking for the perfect gift? Let them pick out their own with a FRA Gift Card, use in in the shop or online. It makes shopping easy, get them here.