Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Iowa Driftless Area

I headed back to Chicago over the holidays to visit my family and got the itch to get some flies in the water. My cousin, who avidly  fishes all around the midwest, mentioned to me that four hours away we could catch trout in Iowa. He took me to a small spring creek (French Creek) in, what is known as, the "Driftless area". The "Driftless Area" is named after the area glaciers did not drift through and flatten out. This created massive rolling hills and countless spring creeks around the area of Northwestern Wisconsin, Northeastern Iowa, and Southwestern Minnesota. 
We fished small larger Prince nymphs with Sow Bug droppers all day and were consistently hooking up. The creek was very different than any Western stream; there is something about walking through farmland and staring at beautiful trout in a place you never would have imagined could hold fish. There was snow everywhere and not an inch of shelf ice; spring creeks in the winter are something special. 

The "Driftless Area" is a really magical place to fish. The spring creeks reminded me of those in Montana and Wyoming. So, if you ever make it to the Midwest, and your not fishing warm water or the Lake Michigan tributaries, take a trip to the "Driftless Area" and you will not be disappointed.

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