Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disaster Unflolds Slowly - and contines to destroy

Not to bring anyone down, but this is a reality that is effecting out fisheries. We just got a report that there have been record bonefish caught in the Bahamas, the big boys are fleeing to stay alive.

Here are a collection of images that are well worth looking at.

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  1. From Sanibel Island, FL.

    According to the local papers the oil spill has entered the Gulf Loop (current that runs down the cost of FL an into the Keys. Some oceanographers predict that oil trades will reach Key West by May 23! This will ultimately deposit a oil in the Tortugas, the Marquesas, and the Keys. Because huge amounts on oil are not rising to the surface they will be carried by the currents in various directions meaning it will probably end up in Southwest FL.

    The devastation this may cause is incalculable.

    There is plenty of blame to go around but to what end? Maybe, just maybe, we will come to grips with the fact that offshore drilling and our reliance on fossil fuels must end.