Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loch Style Fishing - Via Canoe

"Is this a bad dream, or do I have to spend the next few hours in this rig?" Kolanda making the call to up his life insurance...

What is Loch Style fishing? Simply defined, loch style fishing is fishing out of a boat with the wind at your back. Bullshit! There is a whole different set of rules to play by in this highly effective and more importantly, fun way to fish. The loch gives you the chance to become connected to every thing that is happening subsurface.
My curiosity of these techniques and desire to catch more, has led me to sign up for a regional competition in Durango on Vallecieo and Lemon Reservoirs, this coming weekend. Growing up a lake angler in the Midwest there is something truly unique about fishing still waters; the amount of time a fish has to think about weather the offering is worthy of a take, conditions that will turn a lake cold in a matter of minutes, and the calming lap of the waves along the shore as you hunt for fish.

Working flies towards the surface on a good day at Union

So, this past weekend Rob Kolanda and I took a quiet afternoon on Union to hone some of the different presentations needed for Loch fishing before this weekend. Rob a "stud" on the competition scene offered to show me the ropes a bit. Always seeking adventure I opted to bring my canoe out to try and match the boats that will be used at the comp. Rob being a married man thought that this was a quick way for his wife to collect on life insurance. I assured him that the outrigger that I built was sound and will stabilize us enough to bomb a few casts. The wind was low so we did not need to set our drouge and started working shelves about 10-15 feet down crawling three fly rigs towards the surface. The fishing was less than hot, but it was a good introduction into this weekends events and the next four days of my life.
The canoe might not be the best way to practice, but in a pinch it got the job done. Angling opportunities like this exist all over Boulder County, see more lakes here and get out and fish!

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