Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Ice Did It Again

I spent some time in the Roaring Fork Valley last week and my Black Ice BLM pattern was working REAL WELL!!

Guess I need to purchase a camera with a view finder instead of only having an LCD viewer!! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Having Fun with Leeches!

Many of us have fished leeches at one time or another. The introduction of string or articulated leeches has significantly increased the popularity of these flies. The String Leech is so named because it is tied with two hooks—the front one being cut off at the bend and the rear one attached to it with a “string.” The front of such flies are weighted and when retrieved this gives the fly an up and down undulation that mimics the swimming motion of real leeches.

Leeches are common in across north America. They are nocturnal so fish don't normally see them during the day. However, when fished in daylight they are a hard meal to pass up.

Typical colors are black brown, olive, purple, and wine red.

While leeches can move pretty fast I don't believe this is the best way to fish them. A slow steady retrieve or a strip (2 to 4 inches) and pause is my preferred approach.

The question for anglers using leech patterns is not when to fish them but when not to use them.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stalking Tiger Muskie on the Fly

Tyler working tight structure with a fly.

Taking the fish of 10,000 casts is no little feat, but to be able to land one of these illusive fish on the fly is a real treat. Over the last few weeks while the rivers have been blown out I have been stalking this fish at some of the reservoirs along the front range of Colorado. Here are some things that I have learned about these fish...

Two Tigers in super shallow water...Sweet!

1. The better the structure the more likely you are to find fish hanging out in it, not near it but right in the deepest darkest part of it. They are often so tight they can look like structure themselves.
2. Tiger's are even more like a muskie than Muskie are; meaning they are very specific as to when and what they feed on. This means that it really has to all come together...
3. Fly Selection....Who knows! The follows that I have had have been on very sparse smaller patterns, but others have taken fish on large crayfish like the Geezus Lizzard in the 3-4 inch range and huge muskie patters that are 12" long. The important thing is to fish what you are confident in.
4. Pike are killer trainer fish. Get to know the pike in your area, they are more willing and eager to take your offering and are more abundant than their picky cousin. Gain confidence in your gear and flies and then take that to the bank!
5. Learn where a few muskie live (most fish patrol a specific shoreline) and target them during the worst weather that you have seen. It might not be fun for you but remember the fish dont care about some heavy cloud cover and a little rain.
6. Dont be stubborn. If this means listening to your buddy who has caught one and actually taking his advise or picking up conventional gear to "find" a fish, DO IT. There are no frowned upon methods.
7. Put in your time, this is the hardest one. These fish begin to mess with your mind, with a job and a life getting enough time on the water can be the hardest part.
8. Once you catch one make sure everyone knows about it. My good buddy wears a shirt that reads "You may be smart, but Ive caught a Musky"
9. Good Luck!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Master Angler/Fly Tyer Drew Chicone in the July Newsletter

The Pinfish

Excellent patterns for snook, tarpon, reds & more, especially in backcountry areas - these flies will also produce in many similar areas worldwide where game fish feed on small baitfish.

Drew Chicone's Pattern

So maybe you're a died in the wool trout or bass fisherman who is not interested in Saltwater fishing. The fact is that some of the world's best fishermen and fly tyers are saltwater addicts and there is much to learn and apply to freshwater species. The cross-over opportunities are significant....I use saltwater materials and techniques every day....Paul Prentiss

Don't miss out on this special feature.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bass Fishing Continues to be Hot

Upon occasion I get the attention of local bass by using lead headed jigs tied with a deer hair combined with various synthetics like craft fur and Steve Farrar's Flash Blend (Slinky Fiber with micro flash blended right in.) FRA carries the Spirit River version of this product in every popular shade.

I use jig heads designed for Crappie fishing which you cast with a fly rod.

Monster Catfish from Boulder's Viele Lake

JUST KIDDING! This is a IGFA photo of Roberto Godi with his possible world record- sized wels catfish that he caught in Italy. The 250 lb 3 oz fish was caught while fishing Italy’s River Po. He said the fish fought for 45 minutes before he was able to pull it to shore onto a smooth surfaced mat where it was weighed, photographed and released alive.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hooking a New Fisherman

60 years ago this was me at 7 years of age and it was my grandfather who was showing me what's what. Now its my turn with my grandson, Adam. If its your turn, make sure you follow through on this important obligation.....Paul Prentiss

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Runoff = Focus on Warmwater Fishing

Years ago when runoff started I stayed home and complained about the lack of decent fishing. Now I look forward to May and June because it's when I concentrate on Bass, Crappies, and Carp. Frankly, this interest in warmwater species extends right through the entire summer. If you're not taking advantage of this kind of fishing your missing out on a great opportunity that's readily available to everyone along Colorado's front range.

"I don't know where to go" is the refrain I hear. Here's a couple of starting points. If this doesn't work or you've got questions stop by the shop. Every staff member fishes the warmwater lakes this time of year.

This is the current brochure from the DOW in a PDF format

Interactive DOW map

The list of available where to go guides on-line or in hard copy is endless.

The pictures above and below were taken over the last several days on lakes surrounding Boulder County

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pale Morning Dun Nymph

Pale Morning Dun QD Nymph

For the pattern recipe and the tying instructions go to:

Or click on “LoJ’s Fly Tying & Bug Stuff” in the LINKS OF INTEREST Section.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boulder Creek at an all time HIGH!

Boulder Creek is raging at 800+ cfs it is running high to say the least. The bridge leading to the red lion restaurant has washed out and "officials" are worried that the two feet of water behind the bridge is going to let go and create a surge of water. So, the creek path is closed in many areas until further notice. Crazy stuff that you all want to read about...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Honor of Charlie

June Issue of FRA Newsletter

Capt. Paul Rose lives in Charlotte, NC and specializes in guiding for carp, and bass and coastal redfish. He put together some thoughts on why some fly fishermen have trouble with Carp for our upcoming June here if you would like to subscribe to the best fly shop newsletter in the country!