Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fishing Trip Check List

The other day in the shop I got asked by a customer who was preparing to leave on a trip to Argentina what my packing list looked like and in what fashion I pack up my things. I was slightly taken back by the question as I had never thought about it, but we all have our own style and systems in place. As I prepare to leave for the Ice Off fishing comp in Pueblo, CO I thought I would share my experience and my list.

Usually I spend a lot of time preparing, meaning spinning up a few choice flies that I refer to as my confidence flies. Pimp the box, flies catch fish, bottom line. A few rows of fresh midges and anchor flies in the right weight round out my tying. Load those babys into the boxes and wave them goodbye knowing you'll see them soon.

Next its a gathering game, finding what rods are going to be coming along and then making sure I have the matching reels and line. Check.

Get the pack dialed, tippet, leaders, indicators, floatant, fly boxes in place? Good. If not make a list. I see too many customers who come into the shop saying "I know there was something else...."

Net, waders, boots. Better bring an extra net and waders...who knows what the rocky road may hold? Better safe than sorry, been there and done that and I hate loosing fish and being wet and cold. Check.

A few layers for the clothing category, this is the area to focus the least on. Well at least get on to check out the weather.

Throw it all in a pile a few days before your trip and then dump it all into a bag. Then panic a bit, as to make sure you really have everything, I think this looks too light, I must have forgotten something. Run around and grab a few things your sure you wont use, trust me you will be glad you packed them. Ah the tying kit, camera, sunscreen, oh god what else have I forgot.
Too late Got to GO!


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