Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold Weather = Tying Bliss

Boulder has been having some of its coldest weather that we have had in quite a while, this morning was a whopping -10 F. Wait let me back up. Last weekend Boulder was sitting pretty, 65 sunny, the shop was hoping and fish were rising. Every angler on the Front Range was going fishing somewhere and had more fishing on the brain.

So for it to snap into these cold temps was quite a blow. So where do anglers direct the need to be on the water, maybe a fish porn, but most likely they take it out on themselves, behind their vise. This morning Jon and I were comparing little bugs over coffee that came into being during the coldest day of the year so far.

Here are the results.

These little fellas use the TMC 2499SP-BL (right) and the New Dohiku Grub hooks (left). A thin coat of Loon UV Knot Sense and bada bing.

Then it was time to get ready for the San Juan trip at the end of February, so did the same fly in a sz 24. Fish like it and its a super fast tie.

The beatis are getting ready and so should I. So back to the new hooks. They are a joy to tie on, slide right into fishes mouths and the hooks have unique shapes.

A nice Rainbow caught below Gross on our 65 day. Note the fly, all fish that day fell for that guy. A quick plug for the new Grays 10' 2wt that I just got, one of the best nymphing rods, period.

What have all of you been up to? Send over photos of the latest and greatest and well share them here for all to see.

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