Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boulder Creek Comp - Went Off!

We had our first of hopefully many comps this past Sunday on all stretches of Boulder Creek and it was a great time for everyone involved. Anglers made a mad dash out of the parking lot at 9am and ran down to their favorite stretch of water in hopes of great fishing. The first few hours were on fire, lots of fish caught on dries during a huge midge hatch, and then the weather turned. Hail, lightning, rain, snow. What month are we even in? Needless to say the fishing slowed down as the water got dirty, but anglers still caught fish. Sitting in the shop I figured that I would see a few angles show up during the hail storm, but the competitors were serious and stayed out till the bitter end.

Fish counts ranged from a whopping 84 fish, to just a few fish, so the creek was not easy and anyone who placed in the top ten really had to work for it. Congrats to all of you.

I want to thank everyone who took part in the comp, I had a great time putting it together and watching everyone come back soaked and smiling. Thanks to Rob Kolanda and Hardy/Grays for donating our placing prizes. Keep your eyes open for another comp on the creek once the water has come back down and we have some nice summer weather in-store for us.

If you have any feedback on the comp, I would love to hear it. Visit our Facebook page to start a dialogue and make the next comp even better.

The awards will be handed out at 4 pm during our Grand Opening on April 9th. If you placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or landed the biggest fish please make sure you are there
Place Competitor points Big Fish
1st Chad Petrone 8600 84 fish 10" BT
2nd Willie Tiefel 6780 65 fish 14" BT
3rd Jeremy Sides 5600 54 fish 10" BT
4th John Robberts 3000 10" BT
5th Jared Eggers 2640 17" BT
6th Chris Galvin 2640 10" BT
7th Tom Carroll 2600 10" BT
8th Cody Burgdorff 2500 15" BT
9th Allen Gardner 1800 20" RT Big Fish
10th Ben McGee 1780 14" BT

Ben with a nice brown, this fish was measured for extra bonus points. At 20 points an inch Boulder Creek has some high scoring fish.

Our largest fish caught during the comp, a 20" rainbow trout out of Middle Boulder Creek, nice work Allen! This hog was worth an additional 400 points.

Janet working water up near the Justice Center before the weather rolled in.

Chris Galvan staying low as he Czech Nymphed the creek with great results. Chris and Jared tied for 4th and the tie breaker was Jarred's 17" wild brown!

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