Thursday, June 16, 2011

Carp on the Flats

The carp fishing lately has been red hot! This could not come at a better time considering how blown out our rivers are across the state. The fish were held up in some deeper flats 4-5 feet deep and would rotate into the nice shallow flats 2-3 feet where you could get a great cast at them, intersecting their path of feeding.

I had a few fish that wanted the fly killed in front of their face before they ate, but this fish here hit on a fast retrieve and followed the fly abut 15 feet before just inhaling the fly. Needless to say this guy gave a great fight on my 6wt Gloomis NRX rod.

Now is the time to stock up on a few good carp flies, black and red have been the best colors on many of our Boulder lakes and find a quiet flat and start hunting. Carping is a very visual game so make sure you are moving slowly and casting to fish that are actively feeding. The Carp that are high and happy are probably not worth your effort. Some of the great lakes for carpin in Boulder right now are Viele Lake, Teller, Sawhill Ponds, Boulder Res, and Wonderland Lake. See our Map for all your local options.

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