Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dont be Afraid of High Water

I know that everyone is tucked back deep in their shells hiding from run-off, but it time to come out and get to fishing! Even though the front range rivers are high it has not slowed our fishing down any. There is a ton of feed in the rivers from the higher water and the fish are eating everything that is being flushed down. Lately the biggest producers have been a Frenchy, Psycho Prince in Red, and Gurdle Bugs, fill your box and either fish dry dropper or go with a heavy nymph rig.

Just check out this Bow that came out of the creek the other day. Note the heavy tea color in the water. That did not stop this beautiful fish from chowing down. We watched him feeding for a few minutes and it only took a few good drifts until this guy came to hand. The heavy current must have pushed him out of his dark lair.

A true front range trophy.

Get out and Fish! Don't be scared...


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