Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Fly Shout-Out

It's certainly not always the case, but I do believe that a good presentation trumps fly selection more times than not. And in a culture of strong opinions, that's mine.

If the fly looks buggy, is similar in size and silhouette to what the fish are currently feeding on, and is the proper weight, you're probably going to have decent luck. So yes, in a sense you have to know what to throw. But if you don't put it where it needs to go and fail to present a natural drift, then you're just going to catch the stupid ones, if any.

With that said though, I do have one fly that's netted way more fish than any other this year. It's the Two Bit Hooker.

I don't get any money from Charlie Craven to pimp his flies or anything--and frankly I'm not one to promote the "hot fly of the day", but this little dude is as productive a fly as I've seen.

I personally do not like using weight if I don't have to--to me it's too clumsy. So the ability to fish a smaller profile fly which is heavily weighted (two beads, brass or tungsten) greatly increases my strike ratio while allowing me to enjoy fishing it more. Typically, that's how I tie my own patterns: well weighted. So this little fly is right up my alley. Great fished as a single while high-sticking, works well with a dry-dropper, and compliments a double nymph rig.

Actually, I'm getting sick of suggesting this fly to every customer that walks through the door. But if it's working, it's working. And it is. Boulder Creek, Big T, Blue, Frying Pan, South Boulder, South Platte, and Poudre just to name a few, have coughed up fish this year falling victim to the Two Bit Hooker.

Boulder Creek brownie

Blue River rainbow

Pick up a few for your fly box. Oh, and.....nice job, Charlie.


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