Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I love Boulder Creek

Its funny, I just got back from a trip to Montana, Washington, and Oregon and got to see and fish a few of the "famous rivers" out there. I had a great time doing it, caught some nice fish, did not get to spend as much time figuring out the rivers or really getting to know them, but I shook there hands and got a feel for what they were all about. Did not get to fish all of the best spots on the river, time was a factor after all. I waded in some amazing stretches of water, explored endless possibilities on the maps, and I plan on doing the same trip again when I can spend 2 months doing it.

But it was not until last night when I went down to my home pool the one I always fish on Boulder Creek that I found out just how lucky we all are to have a resource as unbelievable as Boulder Creek right in our backyard. The fishing last night was exceptional! Not many fish rising so I nymphed, and proceeded to have more fun catching 6-14 inch browns one after another.

It is rivers like Boulder Creek that people are trying to find on these fishing pilgrimages that they take from time to time. We are lucky enough to have that right here running through downtown Boulder.

So take a moment and head over to our local gem, stop by the shop and grab a few choice flies and spank some nice wild browns.

Man it feels good to be home.


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