Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fly Tying Update #2

New Products in the Shop

Temple Dog:  Tibetan Temple Dog is a natural material sourced from thick coated mountain mammals found in Tibet, Nepal and India (similar to Finn Raccoon). These mammals are used for food and clothing by the natives and are revered by monks. It swims in the water and makes amazing fresh and saltwater streamers. The RadiantTM dying process provides fantastic colors! Fibers are about 2 3/4" - 3 1/4" in length and have a two tone look.  If you like Artic Fox, you'll love this stuff. Think about big streamers on the North Platte!

I-Balz:  Machined from brass and use a durable enamel iris color with deep black pupils to achieve their super-realistic imitation of baitfish (chartreuse iris for black and nickel plating, orange for acid-etched gold plating).  They exten out further than dumbell eyes offering many interesting possibilities for large headed patterns that need to get down deep.

Icelandic Sheep:  If you have been searching for a natural streamer material with length up to 8 inches; that forms nice, full, perfectly tapered baitfish profiles; with minimal buildup at the tie-down point,  look no further.

Uni-Floss:  This single strand floss is made from rayon and is super easy to use for body material It comes in lots of great colors is simply the best alternative for many patterns where using just thread doesn't get it done.