Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fly Tying Update

With the onset of winter fly tying moves to center stage.  We have significantly expanded our range of product offerings.  Each week I'm going to give you an update on many of the new products we are stocking.

Polar Flash - a combination of flashabou and micro nylon filaments, creating a stronger fiber with greater light diffusion. Blends exceedingly well with natural hair for a very lifelike appearance in the water.

Slinky Fiber - A great substitute for bucktail.  Make your own blend similar to Steve Farrar's blended material (we also offer these products)  for a wide range of baitfish patterns.

Rainbow Beads - The latest thing in beads.  Each bead has a kaleidoscope of color which means they reflect various shades as you fly moves through the water.  Dynamite!

New Stick on Eyes - Less expensive than molded eyes.  They make your flies irresistible to large predators.

Pearl Cactus Hackle - Outstanding material for constructing baitfish..  Mr T (below) accounted for quite a few wipers and bass this year and incorporates Cactus Hackle and Steve Farrar's Flash Blend over white bucktail.