Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is This Wrong? - The Debate about eggs

Ethics. I took a class with that title in College and the discussion of eggs was never a part the conversation. Funny, in a fly shop that seem to be the only time that word comes into play. Ethics. We hear it mostly in the context, "Well, I guess that's more of an ethical decision to fish eggs." Is it really? Fish eat them, they are naturally in the system. Whats at the base of this moral decision?

I guess a better question might be, do you like catching fish? We all do, that's why we go out. Undoubtedly, I am deeply offended when anglers roll eggs across a bed, but fishing eggs in the spring and fall seems like a good idea. Mostly, it catch the hell out of a lot of fish.

Does it matter what type of egg you fish?
Does a trout swallow the egg too deep to recover the "fly" without hurting the fish?
Does anyone even care?

Thanks for the feed back as we place orders for more eggs from Umpqua. People have been buying them up!


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