Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fly Tying #5 .... The Right Scissors

There many different scissors out there but here are my favorites from Dr. Slick.  If you are a serious fly tyer, one or two pair of scissors just doesn't get it done.  I don't really know but I'll bet I have 2 dozen pair.   The six listed below are what I use just about every day.  They are all stocked in the shop.
Finishing Scissor:  This spring-loaded scissor with finger loop is designed for one-hand operation. Great for in-hand tying and detail work. If you are a rod builder, this is the scissor for you as it can easily cut silk and nylon wrapping thread. Excellent with natural materials and can handle most synthetics.
Twisted Loop: By offsetting one loop and installing a gap between the loops, its a more ergonomic scissor with better control and dexterity, while reducing finger fatigue. Excellent with natural materials and can handle most synthetics. Fantastic if you tie with scissors in hand. I got a pair of these a couple of years ago when they first came out and they are probably my go to scissor or on the tying bench for most everything.  You can take your thumb out and flip the them around to the back of your hand while tying...outstanding!

Prism:  This series has a Titanium Nitride coating on the entire scissor. The coating creates a harder blade surface and thus makes these scissors ideal for synthetic materials. The finish is a unique and fantastic swirl of red, green, blue and orange, and no two finishes are ever the same.

Preparation: The big dog in terms of cutting anything you can bring to the tying bench!  Very heavy blades with large serrations and a wire cutter for tackling the nastiest stuff in Fly Tying Town.  Specifically designed to handle all the heavy new tying materials.  Easily handles the macro work on big, thick sheets of foam, heavy leather, yarn, lead, wire, antron, rubber, flash, chenille, latex, tubing, braid, darlon and the list goes on.  This type of scissor is a must have on every bench.

Tension Scissors: Designed for cutting heavy materials and prep work. Beefy serrated blades with adjustable tension for loosening or tightening of the blades as materials warrant. Tips are fine enough to allow some detail work. Excellent with natural and synthetic materials.  They are my primary tool for shaping flies tied with synthetics.

Razor Sissors: Probably the sharpest scissors ever created. Think razor blades with handles. These thin blades with a razor edge make short work of all materials. Adjustable tension allows for loosening or tightening as materials warrant. Cuts through natural and synthetic materials like butter. Made from 440 grade J2 steel. These are the ultimate tying scissors.  I've been so impressed with these that I've bought them as gifts for friends who find them equally desirable.  If I was only allowed to have one pair of scissors on the bench this would be it.