Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scuds Rule ... Saturday Clinic on December 10, 2011

Learn how to tie the S Scud along with several other unique patterns that you won't find in any fly shop bin!

Hook: Knapek Scud/Czech Nymph Hook in size 12
Thread: Combination of Olive Lagartun 95 and nylon thread (to secure the weight see below)
Eyes: Small plastic eyes
Antenna: Tan midge flash
Body: Combination of Hareline Scud Dub in Olive and UV Ice Dub in Pink Shrimp
Rib: .5mm Stretch Magic
Back: Scud back or ziplock bag cut to size
Weight: 2.5MM SOF-Tungsten Strands tied in behind the eye*

*A new product that we are carrying from Spirit River.  It has a half-round shape soft/pliable weight with a built in grove to fit the hook shank