Sunday, December 11, 2011

Water Temperature Knowledge Leads to Success

Most fishermen realize the importance of water temperature on fish and insects.  There are numerous charts that detail the optimum ranges.  Strangely, few fishermen bother to carry a thermometer.  Some time ago on a trip I asked 5 experienced anglers if they had one.  The answer was no.  Then I asked if they would each guess the water tempetature.  None of them came within 5 degrees of the correct answer.

Over the last 20 years I’ve owned lots of thermometers but sooner or later I had to replace them due to breakage or failure.  That changed some 3 years ago when I bought the Fishpond Swift Current.  It’s a laboratory-grade unit protected by aluminum case which takes all the abuse I dish out.  The current model at $18.95 can measure water temperature in both Celsius (10 to 50 degrees) and Fahrenheit (20 to 120 degrees).  It's always attached to a D-ring on my fishing vest and ready for use every day of the year.