Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fry Pan Fishing Report - 2-13-12

Ahhh, the Fry Pan River. Most Colorado anglers know it well, but for those of you who do not, it is home to some damn good fishing. Currently it is fishing very well. The best rig for me over the weekend was an egg followed by a size 18 mysis. Sometimes I would fish a small grey emerger pattern in a size 22 or so, but that is just a setup for heart break. We arrived early dressed for the cold and jumped into the bend pool. The fishing was slow until the sun got up a bit and at about 10:15 it turned on!

Stalking the flats, sad to say but this is not too busy for a weekend.

I moved up quickly into the flats to do some hunting, it was so productive I left my camera behind and hardly got any photos to share. I found fish spawning all over, both browns and bows, sometimes on the same bed. Kind of strange, but stocked fish do weird things. Lost one fish that I wish I got a photo of, definitely worthy of the term trophy. That fatty broke my hook on my shrimp pattern. The fishing was just on FIRE! Took about 20 fish in a couple hours.

A nice looking upper pan fish. No battle scares on this one...

Around 1 the flats were getting a bit crowded so we hopped in the cars and fished the lower canyon. We did not get to fish a hatch, but it was some of the most enjoyable fishing that I have done this winter. Healthy fish that put a huge bend in what I would consider the perfect fly rod for the lower Pan. The Greys XF2 Streamflex 10' 2wt. I nymphed exclusively using midges in red and blue with a small black stonefly as my point. About 60% of the fish were eating the size 14 stone over the small flies.

I cant express how much fun this was, rainbows like this and a few
healthy browns all afternoon.

Hog hunting is fun, but the lower Pan is a real joy to fish.

Still beating my self up about the big one that got away and thinking of when I can get up there next.


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