Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Deck @ FRA this Saturday ..... 2/11/2012

Devin Olsen grew up fishing the brown trout filled rivers of Utah, which are still some of his favorite waters.  He started tying flies and fishing them by age 9.  By the age of 12 he and his friends were bumming rides from parents to fish in the nearby canyons emptying into the Salt Lake Valley.  He hasn'’t been able to get away from fish since and has built his life to surround his passion.  Devin has been fortunate enough to live in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana, which has exposed him to a variety of the West’'s best trout filled rivers and lakes.  By age 19 he was looking to take fishing to the next level, that year he fished in the Fly Fishing Master’s competition and started guiding.  He began working with Lance Egan and Ryan Barnes in 2005 at the Cabelas’ fly shop in Lehi, UT.  They introduced him to Fly Fishing Team USA and he worked hard to become proficient at the techniques needed to compete on an international level.  He made Fly Fishing Team USA in 2006 and has fished in three World Fly Fishing Championships in Scotland 2009, Poland 2010, and Italy 2011.  He was the silver medalist at the 2011 National Fly Fishing Championship and the silver medalist in 2008 and the gold medalist in 2010 at the America Cup International Fly Fishing tournament.  When he’s not thinking of competition he’s planning his next trip for golden trout in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming or finding new water anywhere he can.

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