Friday, March 16, 2012

Big Thompson Fishing Report 3/16/2012

Low flows, 44 degree water, 25 mph wind gusts, snow on the edges here and there but open the entire length, fish mostly in the deeper channels.  Red or black midges with silver wire (size 16 to 18) with a bright blue bead head producing fish.


  1. Yesterday March 24 used a little blank midge with some red, worked nice. Little bit of hatch maybe of some kind of tiny white fluffy bug, found something similar as a dry, small maybe 22, and sure enough, the dry worked a bit. Love the Big T...and no wind yesterday. Two weeks ago a Zebra worked up at the dam, small one. 14" brown on a 22 Zebra...was like pulling in a head of cabbage...! ha ha

  2. Wow! That trout is beautiful! Full score to the photographer.