Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Rainbow on Boulder Creek

For those of you who think that there are only small fish in the in-town section of Boulder Creek you can take a look at this guy who taped out at 18-inches and was caught 5 minutes from the shop!  The fly is constructed with hot orange Ultra Wire with a gold tungsten bead tied on a size 12 Czech nymph hook.  It has small brown/black legs and synthetic peacock dubbing for the thorax.  This fly was tied in one of our Winter Saturday fly tying clinics.


  1. uh, please don't share that kind of info!
    local creek rat.
    Let them think BC is full of little dinks...

  2. Did it say where the fish was caught. No. The fishable water in and around town is 7 or 8 miles and half of it is 5 mins from the shop!

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